4 Ways to Better Manage Your Social Media Marketing

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4 Ways to Better Manage Your Social Media Marketing

As a small business owner, your time is precious. Your social media marketing is crucial to the success of your company and your brand recognition, but it can also be a major consumer of your time. Here are four ways you can better manage your social media marketing and reclaim your time!

1. Put It On The Calendar

Making consistent room in your schedule for the task is crucial to actually remembering to take care of it and not letting yourself waste too much time on it. By blocking out time every day or week (depending on your engagement levels) to take a look at your published posts on each platform, manage your responses, and deal with any customer experience issues, you are able to handle it as it comes instead of letting it pile up to be dealt with later. Your timely responses won’t just help your customers and those interacting with your profiles, but also you. Staying on top of your social media marketing will help keep your time investment under control because you have structure.

2. Use Tools

Using scheduling tools like Loomly, SproutSocial, CoSchedule, or Hootsuite allows you to get ahead of things by getting your posts ready ahead of time, when you actually have some, so they can go out at the best possible times to maximize your engagement. Additionally, some have features that let you manage your channels and responses from others about your content, so you never miss a beat.
Another great tool to utilize is analytics. Whether you have a Facebook Business Manager account, use Bitly to track your links, or use Google AdWords to look at your SEO ads and impact, having access to data allows you to make good decisions. By looking at charts of clicks, comments, likes, and interactions with your site, profiles, and content, you can adjust your social media and online marketing to better cater to your audience. Giving them what they like will improve your reach and grow your brand, but knowing what to give them is only possible with analytics.

3. Get Educated

Social media isn’t something that everyone knows everything about. As an entrepreneur, you need to know lots of things about every subject, and if you aren’t an expert in social media marketing, it can be helpful to learn more about it so you know what to do. Taking courses like the Bright Ideas Small Business Academy Social Media Marketing Course to improve your knowledge on the subject can make you more comfortable with the information and help you streamline your time investment. When you know what you need to focus on to get the best results and why you are able to pare it down to only the necessities and save yourself some time and money.

4. Hire A Pro

If you are just too busy, aren’t comfortable enough with handling it yourself, or just want to maximize this marketing outlet for your business, hiring a social media marketing professional is the way to go. There are pros who make a living doing only social media marketing because the amount of knowledge and expertise needed to stay on top of this niche is so great. Companies like Bright Ideas Small Business Solutions and Nichely Marketing Group exist to help you and your small business get the most out of your social media marketing by using their expertise and highly-trained team members to grow your presence and brand awareness without you having to spend a moment or a thought on it! Even if you do have the knowledge to handle most of your social media marketing by yourself, hiring a professional contractor who has more expertise, better tools, and better access to content and information can allow you to reclaim that time for more important things while simultaneously getting better content, management, and analytics than you could have provided anyway. It’s a win-win!

In this age of online marketing, social media domination, and band awareness, social media marketing is too important a piece of your marketing strategy to ignore. Give it the dedication and oversight it needs, but do so in a way that doesn’t eat up all of your time!

Abby Yetter

Abby Yetter is the CEO and Chief Consultant of Bright Ideas Small Business Solutions, LLC. She is a driven, enthusiastic businesswoman, with a talent for organizing the chaotic, and branding the unfamed. Abby strives to use her creativity, and experience, to solve the many problems of small businesses. With a background based in customer service management, social media, technological organization, sales, marketing, and customer experience specialties, she enjoys taking everyday complications, and finding the newest, most productive ways to execute the tasks.

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