How to Pick Your Domain Name

How to Pick Your Domain Name

Your domain name is crucial to your marketing plan. If your web address is too long, nonsensical, or inappropriate, your customers will have a terrible time remembering it or trying to find you. Here are some tips to make sure you pick the best domain name possible!

The Rules

  1. Don’t make it too long. – One or two words is plenty. If you can abbreviate, even better! But don’t make it too short. Over-abbreviating might make it make less sense than leaving the words whole.
  2. No determiners or conjunctions. – Don’t start your domain with ‘the,’ ‘a,’ ‘an,’ etc.
  3. Keep it simple. – Avoid hyphens, numbers, or anything that makes it sound complicated.
  4. Make it pronounceable. – If you need to spell it to someone to make sure they get it right, it’s no good.
  5. Pick the right extension. – Obviously, .com is a solid choice, but there are other options that may make more sense for your brand.
  6. Don’t infringe on trademarks. – Make sure you aren’t using a name that is owned and trademarked by another company!
  7. Use keywords practically. – Having keywords in your domain can be helpful, but don’t go crazy trying to make your domain an entire key phrase or something that doesn’t make sense.
  8. Make it intuitive. – People should be able to figure out what your business is or what you sell by your domain name.

What's Available

First, you need to pick a direction and find out what is actually available. There are lots of people who buy up domain names just to resell them at a profit, so check to make sure what you want can actually be purchased. Make a list of the available options. If you are a bit stressed and there isn’t a lot to choose from, consider other extensions.


While .com is the go-to, there are other options out that that could make better sense for your brand, especially if .com isn’t available. For instance, the marketing firm Nichely Marketing Group, Inc. could use, but that is incredibly long and has the double ‘g’ in there, which could cause confusion. So, instead, they use! It is much shorter, easier to remember, and unique. There are a variety of extensions available, so be sure to check them all out before making a decision.

Best Possible Option

Once you do your research into what is available and the different extensions you can use to make up more options, choose the best possible one, and buy it! If you want to, you can also buy up available ones that are very similar or you like, and use them to re-direct traffic to your main site.

A good domain name can make or break your internet traffic and success. If you are still unsure what name might be the best for your business, get a professional opinion from a consultant or marketing agency!

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